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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thank You

Over the last week, you told WSLR that you appreciate their independent voice in this community, and the platform they have given us to hold this weekly conversation about pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood.
We especially want to thank the following folks for pledging their support before our program and for calling into our high-energy-seven-woman-on-air-extravaganza:
Peter Acker  
Ben & Jerry’s Rick Almarode
 Ivy Magnolia Augsburger
Rylan Augsburger
Miriam Averbuch
  Arielle Ball
Lisa Bohn
David Brain
Lauren Brenzel
Lara Costa
Sarah Costonis
Sonia Fuentes
Captain Wayne Genthner
Gana Gilkey 

The Gilkey Family
Michael Gilkey

Colleen Greenwell
David Gulliver   

Bob Hinds 
Sarah Hinds 
The King Family
Kristen Mazzarella  
Erin Melia 
Robin Pollack  
Liz Sniegocki 
The Stan-Shaq Family
Steve and Terry Stottlemyer 

The Venafro Family 
Pariesa Young 
WSLR fell just short of meeting its fall membership goal of $33,000. If you would still like to pledge your support to the only independent media voice on the airwaves in the SRQ, and your appreciation for Maternally Yours, IT'S NOT TOO LATE. 

Donate online at by Tuesday and we will be thrilled to thank you on the air during our show. The station is SO CLOSE to meeting our goal; you could be the one that puts us over the top! Be sure to tune in next week as we'll also give you a grand total of funds raised to support this conversation and this radio station.

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."
~Maya Angelou

Gratefully and Maternally Yours, 
Ryan, Laura and Dana

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