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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Episode 162: Raising Thankful Children (Epilogue)

Tonight, Ryan talked gratitude, an apt topic for Thanksgiving week. Gratitude is a virtue that anyone can cultivate, according to Dr. Jeffrey Froh, co-author of Making Grateful Kids, whose interview we heard on the show tonight. His tools for making grateful kids can be used from infancy to troubled-teenagerhood. We learned that recognizing gifts is a skill that can be learned at an early age, and it helps kids to process the things that make them feel grateful. Teaching (and learning!) gratitude can even make you happier.

Making Grateful Kids website
10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid

Birth in the News:
Staywell announced termination of SMH contract
State law to keep kids in carseats longer
Miami mom gives birth to quadruplets
Mother's care may affect early brain development
ACLU defends mother given "no accommodations for nursing mothers"
Women given synthetic hormones may have trouble breastfeeding
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

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