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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Episode 75 (Epilogue): WSLR Fund Drive Show

Tonight we had our very special fund drive episode. In continuining with our tradition of sharing birth stories during these shows, we brought you the truly amazing story of Mallie Shirk, who gave birth to her breech twins in the water! Tune in to hear Mallie's stories, as well as more details about how to donate to Maternally Yours and WSLR.

We encourage listenrs who want to donate before tomorrow at 7:00 pm to do so through the 36 Hour Giving Challenge. All donations between $25 and $1000 have the opportunity to be DOUBLED. We are participating in this Challenge during our regular Spring Membership Drive so that we don't have to ask you again for money this Spring to keep our station going! SO CLICK HERE! You can also call (941) 894-6469 any time this week in order to donate, just make sure to mention Maternally Yours!

To all those who have already given, we just want to state how supported we feel, and how grateful to you. You keep community radio alive, and we truly wouldn't be able to produce this show without YOU.

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