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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Report from Rwanda, Vol. 4

Hi Friends and Family,

Hi, it has actually been 2 months already.

Here is where I work.

It is a referral and teaching hospital. We get everything! The entrance can get real busy with taxis, people, trucks, motos (a dangerous motorcycle taxi), vendors etc.

All is well here in Kigali, Rwanda. Some maternal deaths still of course happening. Time to visit some of the many District hospitals.  Postpartum hemorrhage is the big problem. Cases are challenging. Bad heart disease delivered today. So far doing well. Work is rewarding. Lots of teaching on ward rounds and AM report.  Learning and teaching a lot.

Check out the HRH Program website.

Been here two months. Change comes slow whether here or at home. The people are friendly.  We had a debate about how long a dressing needs to be on after C/S. we got it down from 10 to 4 days.  I told you change comes slowly.

The rainy season is here and it rains frequently and can get can get real hot! Then the power goes out like today. Traveling to Burundi in a couple of weeks to see another country. It is safe. No jewelry please as you may loose it. Someone had it yanked off their neck.

We were invited to the President's Prayer Breakfast yesterday but he was in the states visiting some people in DC.   Rwanda has many hills so we all stay in shape.  Also has a lot of children.  "Need info on family planning before you send her home."

The books we sent from the States arrived and after clearing customs and a donation from the Hills and others the students will have them. Skanska helped us a lot.

We had a big party last week for babies, birthdays, arrivals, departures etc. organized by Pauline and all had fun from ages 2-75. She and a midwife are doing wonders at a very BUSY district hospital where by noon they have done about 12 C/S.  They do 700 deliveries a month.

We get stuff by people coming bringing it so I will let you know when and where to send items like peanut butter crackers, apple sauce and energy bars etc. Miss a good old fashion stand up American shower.

Take care. Hope you are all fine. We are. Regards to all.

The pace is slower and the high risk pregnancies more!  A wise man once said recently, "if it does not effect tomorrow, let it go." He was right!

Washington C. Hill, M.D., FACOG
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
HRH Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

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