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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Report from Rwanda, vol. 3

This is the third installment of our regular "Report from Rwanda" feature, written by our friend and regular Maternally Yours contributor Dr. Washington Hill, who is spending eleven months in Rwanda, Africa, as part of a Clinton Foundation through Duke University. 

Dear Friends and Family,

All is well. Niners got robbed.

Been here a month last week. We have a small but comfortable apartment.

Patients are sicker. Real sicker!! We are a referral and teaching hospital. Many students come from around the world. Over a 100 of us here with HRH. Large American community here doing all kinds of good things.

Gave residents a test this past Friday (pictured above). Gonna grade it this week.

Pauline's hospital with many more deliveries in a month. She is working hard and making a real difference.

Work is challenging but rewarding for all here. Trying to decrease maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. We all have to remember "Rome was not built in a day."

Meeting new friends.  Some from the Embassy. Had dinner with them and it was lovely!

Some good places to eat and have coffee.

Other than allergies to the dust, we are well.

I am taking malaria prophylaxis. Pauline is in control group.

We see movies every Saturday night whether we want to or not as it is fun and all see each other. Saw "Flight" yesterday. CNN and ESPN come in good except when power is out.

Rwandans are nice and live a hard life.

Today is Sunday and it consist of church, haircut, lunch at Bourban Coffee and a moto taxi home.

We have no address but are working on a PO Box.

Everything is still quite the adventure.

My twin's birthday is Tuesday!

Hi to all.  Stay in touch.


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