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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Episode 71 (Epilogue): Wireless Technology

Tonight’s show focused on Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), and in particular how they might affect pregnant women and children. Carmela and Ryan talked to Stephen Shepard. Steven is a Sarasota native. He attended Ringling College of Art + Design and went on to become an audio visual designer, producer, creative director and what he calls a conscious communicator.

Our discussion began with an explanation of what exactly EMF’s are, how they might affect us, and what products in our households they emit from.  Stephen also discussed some potential issues with research on the subject of EMF’s, and noted that there needs to be more research on the specific effect that EMF’s might have on pregnant women and small children.  Stephen discussed some different ways in which people can reduce EMF exposure, and even did a reading of the EMF levels in our very own studio!

We then moved our discussion to an issue which has had a sizeable amount of local attention: the installation of Smart Meters on houses to read electricity usage. Stephen noted some potential issues with Smart Meters, including their lack of Underwriter Laboratory testing, constant exposure, and the high transmitting power of the device.  We discussed removal of Smart Meters, including Florida Power and Light’s current stance on removal (they state that they will do it with no charge to the consumer), potential future changes in the stance, and how consumers can take the steps to remove Smart Meters by themselves.

Stephen’s Site:

Stephen’s statement about what part of body have been shown to be affected by EMF:
Altered fetal development, altered menstrual cycle, altered glandular function, decreased lactation, altered white blood cell development, increased childhood leukemia, weight gain, hypothyroidism, genetic DNA damage, headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, hand tremors, leg twitching, eye twitching,  skin surface tingling, burning sensations, increased sensitivity in testicles, increased eye dryness, and vision problems.

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