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Monday, October 14, 2013

Episode 107: Fall Membership Drive

Join the entire Maternally Yours Collective Tuesday October 15th at 6pm ET for our wild and crazy fall membership drive spectacular! We will be joined by local moms Jessica Falde and Angie and Christin Perkinson who will help us continue our membership drive tradition of sharing birth stories. (And these are some wild ones!)


Between the four of us, it takes about 60 hours of hard work to produce a month of content for Maternally Yours. We are volunteers--paid by spiritual fulfillment and not by U.S. currency. However we do ask that you support our station, because without their building, electricity, station manager, tower, signal, soundboard, microphones, computers, equipment, and LPFM license--we would not be here. Those things all take money to maintain, and unlike NPR stations, we don't get a penny from the government, it is 100% from YOU. 
So if you like our show and want to see it continue, please call us Tuesday night between 6 and 7 at (941) 954-8636, or go online (it's not too early) at and be sure to write Maternally Yours in your notes. 

Community Radio allows us to connect YOU with the people and resources you need to make informed decisions throughout your childbearing years.


Now it's your turn!
Please call in TUESDAY NIGHT to support our show, and community radio! You can pledge your support during the show in any amount by calling (941) 894-6469 or (941) 954-8636. You can also make your pledge now or any time this week at

After you've supported us, SHARE your good deed on facebook and twitter so people know that you support independent media, informed consumerism and evidence-based maternity care.

Some of you already have pledged your support. We will issue our official love list after the show, but one listener got us all choked up. She donated "$107 for the 107 episodes of Maternally Yours. Not much $ but what I can give. Thank you ladies for changing my life as a mother and bettering my child and future children's lives."

You all keep us going, it's as simple as that. THANK YOU.

Gratefully and Maternally Yours, 
Cheryl, Carmela, Ryan and Laura

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