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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Episode 36 (Epilogue): Family Adventures

Tonight we had the pleasure of welcoming two wonderful guests - experts on traveling with kids. Tanya Hackney, along with her husband Jay and their 5 children, lives on a 48-foot boat full-time. She shared some great tips for setting travel goals. She says that you have to continually "feed the dream" and "always assume" you're going to make your goal. Katie Grady, originally from Sarasota but now living in Hawaii with her husband and two kids, shared her experiences making regular cross-pacific journeys from Oahu to Sarasota. Katie offered some super practical tips for enjoying your time in the air. Her best tip by far was to keep the bulk of your "stuff" at home. She suggests doing an initial round of packing and then a round of un-packing to pair down all of the unnecessary things to keep your load light.

Resources for Traveling with Kids:
TSA Guide to Traveling with Kids
Rick Steves
We Just Got Back
The Lonely Planet: Kids To Go
Road Trip America

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