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Monday, February 16, 2015

Episode 173: Birth Worker Burnout (Epilogue)

This week's episode we shared the most exciting Birth in the News yet!
“Ryan and Damen are honored to introduce Arber Ali Shaqiri; a name originating in Greater Albania where he was conceived. This sweet soul was waterborne at home on February 7th at 10:54 am after a short and fast labor attended by Midwife Harmony Miller and Senior Student Midwife Anna Larson. Two hours after birth he weighed 9 pounds and measured 22 inches long. Arber enjoys snuggles, sleeping, nursing, and watching his big sister Jude. He is loved fiercely. We want to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey to family of four, especially our Maternally Yours family.”
More Birth in the News:
Study finds Maternal Depression often starts before giving birth
Birth Method and Gestation Duration May Alter Infants Gut Microbiota

This week, Dana welcomed Carmela back as co-host. They spoke about the experiences of those in the birth profession. Birth workers, like anyone in a high stress high demand job, may feel burnt out at some point in their careers. Carmela shared her experience as a birth assistant and doula at Rosemary Birthing Home

Special guests were:
Jessica Willoughby, a Florida Licensed Midwife and a birth doula. She has attended over 200 births in the hospital, home and birth center setting. She is a founder of the doula CO-OP, The Birth Collective of Tampa Bay, a part-time midwife at Rosemary Birthing Home in Sarasota Florida and is the owner of the new Birth Center of St. Pete.

Laura Zane Nwagbaraocha is a mother of two, Director and Co-Creator of Sage Synergy Counseling Center is a licensed mental health counselor that has been working with children and families for over twenty years. Her specialty areas include anxiety, depression, OCD, Trauma/PTSD, sexual identity issues, sexual abuse, divorce and parenting. She utilizes multiple modalities, including expressive art therapies, play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy and trauma-focused healing.

They gave us insight into why healthcare professionals are often at risk for burnout. Long work hours, intensive workplace demands and personal, emotional work all play a part in burnout. Some symptoms of burnout include physical and emotional exhaustion. Burnout is also particularly common in birth professions, because of the highly emotional nature of the work.

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