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Monday, November 18, 2013

Episode 110 (Epilogue): Preconception Health

It is not just health during pregnancy that is important to positive outcomes in both mother and baby, but also before becoming pregnant. Tonight’s show discussed the subject of preconception health, joined by guests Beth Moran and Dr. Deanine Picciano.

Beth Moran, co-founder of the Guild of Holistic Practitioners, ARNP of Integrated Wellness, and graduate of Pennsylvania Hospital, Mary Mount Manhattan College, and the Margaret Sanger Center. Beth discussed signs of ovulation, simple things a woman can do to ensure a health pregnancy, and preconception decisions both for lifestyle as well as the ideal time to begin attempting pregnancy. Additionally, the issues of pregnancy losses, professional conception care, male reproductive health, and preconception office visits were discussed. To contact Beth Moran, you can call her at 6313297390, or visit her website at

Dr. Deanine Picciano expanded upon information surrounding preconception health, speaking to the feminine energy of women and Red Tent Wisdom (wisdom surrounding menstruation). Dr. Picciano stressed the importance of individualized care, and emphasized getting to know one’s own body to best select health options. She then discussed issues surrounding the menstrual cycle such as shame, stigma, and the coming of age process. To learn more about your own cycle, you can attend Dr. Deanine Picciano’s workshop, the Red Tent Workshop. Information about the workshop can be found on Dr. Deanine Picciano’s Facebook page, and is occurring November 30th at Rosemary court. You may also visit her website at

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Natural Fertility and Pregnancy   by Anne Charlish and Kim Davies
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

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