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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Episode 92 (Epilogue): Times Two: Lesbian Motherhood

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Laura and Carmela discussed gay rights and parenting. We began the show with a discussion of DOMA, and what impact the recent Supreme Court decision will have on gay couples in our nation.  Currently, the biggest impact will be on individuals who are already legally married in their own states, as it will impact their ability to receive federal marriage benefits. However, the ruling does not establish a constitutional right to gay marriage. We spoke to Nadine Smith, an executive director of Equality Florida in order to gather more information about the ruling.  

We then welcomed  Kristen and Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson to the show. In April of this year, one of two Time magazine covers for the same issue featured the words "Gay Marriage Already Won" and a black and white photograph of two women kissing. Those two women were Kristen and Sarah. As wives and advocates for equal rights, their story is fascinating enough. As mothers, it is downright incredible.

Kristen Ellis-Henderson is a founding member, bass player, and songwriter of the all-female popular country/ rock band Antigone Rising. Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson has spent the past seventeen years working on such top brands as Vogue, In Style, and most recently as Executive Vice President of Real Simple Magazine. They joined us to discuss their own relationship and parenting journey, and to share a bit about what the recent Supreme Court ruling has meant for their family.

Kristen and Sarah shared the remarkably story of how they came to be pregnant on the same day, and discussed their coinciding pregnancy and birth stories. Our guests shared to importance of finding support, particularly in a world where prejudice can still be prominent.  Kristen and Sarah also discussed their own advocacy with us, including how they came to be featured on the cover of time magazine!

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