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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode 87 (Epilogue): Kids and Food

                Tonight’s show focused on children and food, and Cheryl and Laura focused on how we can overcome our society’s poor expectations for children’s eating.  We were joined tonight by Karen Le Billon. Karen is an author and professor at the University of British Columbia. Married to a Frenchman, she has two daughters, and her family divides its time between Canada and France. Karen has a PhD from Oxford University (where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar) and is one of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation’s Real Food Advocates. French Kids Eat Everything (HarperCollins) is Karen’s newest book, a memoir about family and food, inspired by a year spent in her husband’s hometown–a small seaside village in Brittany.


  Karen discussed a great deal of what she learned in her time in France with us, and how parents can use this knowledge to benefit their family’s eating habits. Karen contrasted the North American “beige food diet,” high in grains and fried foods, to French eating styles which focus on feeding children the same foods as adults eat. Karen then discussed the cultural heritage of meal time in France, and how this influences the ways that families and children experience meals in France. We also discussed the difference between how “hunger” and “fullness” are conceptualized between our cultures.

                To close our show, Cheryl and Karen discussed how meals can be prepared to help facilitate children’s healthy and expansive eating habits. We also discussed treats and sweets, and local foods.

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