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Monday, April 22, 2013

Report from Rwanda, Vol. 5

Hi Friends and Family:

I have been here 3 months now and all is well. The recent African GI disease was defeated with drugs.

We had a retreat Thursday and Friday about the program and all U.S. and Rwandans involved we are making progress. Progress comes slowly wherever you are. We are all doing what we want to do and it is working. This is just year one of the program. See more here.

The students and nurses and residents are learning "best practice". We are learning a lot as well.

Working decreasing maternal deaths and treating postpartum hemorrhage deaths.

We are all well. One of our colleagues though passed away suddenly so this was a sad month. The American community is very close. One is pregnant and I saw her. She will deliver in South Africa.

This is a time for grieving in Rwanda as they remember the genocide. They have events all month but not as many as in the past.

The people here are very nice except for those few who try to charge too much.

Took a trip to Burundi which is small country south of here. It was a needed R and R.

Today is Sunday and we go. The benches are wood and hard.  The country is very religious.

Here are some pictures!

Today in church. A call to pray.

We get CNN in our little apartment but a lot of the news recently has not been

People coming and going bring stuff and take mail. Works well. We will fill up with our supplies in July.

Cases are still interesting e.g. Abdominal pregnancy and BOTH survived!

On Lake Tanganyika. When is this over? I can't swim.

Markets are colorful! People with light skin draw attention.

A Perinatal unit in Burundi. Nice nursing notes. No complaints about computers there.

A new Rwandan last week.
"If you push we will give you the rest of your Fanta!!
Students who just finished the rotation outside conference room. They here their oral exam on Wednesday.

Until next time. We miss you family and friends.

Washington C. Hill, M.D., FACOG
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
HRH Rwanda
Duke Department of OB-GYN
Kigali, Rwanda

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