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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Episode 66 (Epilogue): Looking Back, Looking Ahead

On Tonight’s show Ryan and Cheryl reviewed some of the years favorite shows moments for the Maternally Yours collective this year, and looked ahead to what we will be doing next year.  We looked back on some of 2012’s favorite shows for the MY crew, including our show on same-sex parenting (Episode 34),  milk sharing (Episode 20), and our episode focused on relaxations for mothers (Episode 27). We also discussed some of our work on more serious episodes, which tackled issues such as racial disparity in birth outcomes (Episode 21) and addiction in pregnant mothers and newborns (Episode 30). We also discussed some of our special show guests this year, including Maya Angelou (Episode 39), The Business of Being Born’s Abby Epstein, (Episode 38), and midwife Robin Lim (Episode 31).   

                We also looked ahead to what we have planned for next year, including LGBT conception, more shows focused on alternative and natural health care options, family planning and growth, lactation support, and other issues surrounding birth and parenting in our own community.

                Most of all at the beginning of this New Year, we want to thank our listeners for all of their continued support. Working on Maternally Yours has been an amazing journey for all of us, and one which we look forward to continuing. We do this show so that it will hopefully positively affect our listeners , both as individuals  and as members of our community. Because of this we invite you to “join the Conversation” in 2013 by letting us know what you would be interested in hearing from us!

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