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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode 33 (Epilogue): Water Babies

We began tonight's show by welcoming Heidi Dahlborg, Midwife and AquaNatal Instructor, on the phone from Sweden. Heidi discussed the ways AquaNatal can benefit women during pregnancy and labor and highlighted a key element - the community that grows as the bellies and babies grow.

Heidi gave us some great resources including Bathtub Babies, a video by Vera Garibaldi, and the books Aqua Yoga and Water Babies by Francoise Barbir-Scazzocchio (Freedman).

We later introduced Dianne Cutri a Master Instructor from Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). Dianne discussed the Moro Reflex and why it is important to begin formal swim instruction only after this reflex is absent (around 4-6 months). Sitting up, rolling from back to front and back again and other, more advanced muscle development milestones should also be reached before beginning ISR.

Dianne indicated that NO swim technique will "drown proof" a child and stated unequivocally that parents should run away quickly from any program claims it can. We also talked about the abundance of potentially unsafe swim "gear" that parents are tempted to purchase. We were assured by Dianne that YOU, the parent, are your child's best piece of "gear".

Finally, Dianne gave us her Top 3 Swim Dos and Top 3 Swim Don'ts:

Do - Think about adding "Layers of Protection" to your swim experience.
1) Practice segmented supervision (15 min. at a time per adult).
2) Invest in quality pool fencing.
3) Educate yourself and your child by attending lessons.

Don't - Assume Anything!
1) Don't assume anyone else is watching your child.
2) Don't assume your child won't go near the water.
3) Don't assume "it can't happen to you". It can.

In a post-show debrief, Heidi had the following to say on our Facebook page:

I recommend parents find a baby friendly swim class as advised by world leader in gentle swimming instruction Rob McKay from Boca Raton. In contrast to baby friendly classes, ISR teaches children that being in water is about NOT DROWNING, and will give them an unforgettable body level lesson that water is to be feared. There are many kind people who work as ISR teacher, but the methodology is deeply flawed by being based in fear of drowning. 

We appreciate the time and attention both of our guests gave to this topic!

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