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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 149 (Epilogue): Egg Donation

Birth in the News: 

This week's topic (Egg Donation):

This week we began a two part series on third party reproduction with a look at egg donation. Here is the trailer for the documentary film Eggsploitation, by Jennifer Lahl with contributions from one of our guests, feminist and NOW Board Member Kathy Sloan.
Kathy then offered her perspective, which is illustrated in this piece, Abuses of Women's Human Rights in Third Party Reproduction. We then heard the beginning of the story of egg donor Justine Griffin, author of The Cost of Life, a special feature of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, which contains many resources, videos, and 'extras' in addition to the long form narrative story. She mentioned the Donor Sibling Registry, its founders book Finding our Families, and referred to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in her discussion.

We then heard from Souad Dreyfus, owner of Open Arms Consultants, an agency that matches intended parents with egg donors and/or surrogate mothers. The law regarding these practices can be found here and here.

Finally, Justine pointed us to We Are Egg Donors, a collection of resources compiled by egg donors, for egg donors.

Part two of the series will air on September 16th and explore surrogacy.

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