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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Episode 106: Down Syndrome

Photo credits (left to right): Nicole Williams, Lisa Underwood, Sabrina Bean, Anne Hathorn
Join the Conversation tonight, Tuesday, October 8th at 6pm ET as Laura and Carmela talk about Down syndrome, our most common chromosomal variation. We'll hear from Pediatric Genetics Specialist Dr. Melissa Crenshaw, who will bring us up to speed on the latest research in genetic testing, and explain the new science that could potentially silence the extra chromosome in Down syndrome. Then we'll meet Anne Hathorn and Lisa Underwood, two mothers who are raising children with Down's, who will share their experiences as we ask the question: is it the chromosome that needs to be silenced? Or the stigma surrounding it? We'll also learn what resources and support are available nationally, statewide, and right here in Sarasota through Manasota BUDS.
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