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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Episode 80 (Epilogue): Natural Birth in the Hospital

Tonight’s show focused on having a natural hospital birth, and steps that individuals can take in order to help facilitate this birthing plan. Laura and Ryan joined a variety of different guests tonight, including a local mother and a handful of labor and delivery nurses, to talk about natural hospital births. Our first guest tonight was Melissa Hembree. Melissa is a stay-at-home mom to two very happy children, who gave birth to both of them naturally in the hospital setting. Melissa shared with us each of her birth stories, which highlighted the importance of loved one support, relationship with care providers, and trust of the hospital staff. Melissa also encouraged women to speak up for themselves, by taking actions like asking questions and creating clear birth plan, in order to support personal empowerment in the birth setting.

Our next guest was Catey Brannan. Catey is an RN, a birth assistant, an LMT, and an improv comedian. Catey currently works at Desoto Memorial Hospital  as a labor and delivery nurse and at Birthway’s Family Birth Center  as a birth assistant and post-partum nurse. Catey discussed some differences and similarities that she sees working in both of these settings, and shared some points of overlap that she wishes to see take place. Mostly, Catey highlighted the need for women’s education (and access to education!) regarding birth and pregnancy. Catey also discussed the importance of care provider support for a hospital birth, focusing on the need to let every woman who is giving birth know that that is her special day.

We then talked to Judy Cavallero. Judy is currently the Clinical Manager of L/D, Antepartum, OB ECC and MBU at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Judy discussed some of the exciting changes that are taking place at Sarasota Memorial, including the upcoming opening of their new maternity tower! She shared with us that Sarasota Memorial is including a bunch of new low intervention strategies, which the opening of this tower will facilitate. Our final guest tonight was Brandy Thomas. Brandy is a CNM who works out of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. Brady discussed with us the role of midwives in the hospital setting, and individual’s potential preference for a midwife in the hospital setting if they are interested in a hospital birth.

We closed our show tonight with open discussion from all of our guests, in which we discussed the importance of open communication with hospital and care provider, personal education, and understandings of personal risk. Our guest encouraged listeners to interview providers and ask a lot of questions to make sure they have the right fit for them.

Tonight’s Right: Every woman has the right to receive maternity care that identifies and addresses social and behavioral factors that affect her health and that of her baby.** She should receive information to help her take the best care of herself and her baby and have access to social services and behavioral change programs that could contribute to their health. To learn more about your rights, please visit

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